The Most Amazing Art Installation Ever ~ Part 2

Looking at these pictures, I am still awestruck by how much attention to detail went into creating such an installation, how many hours of research and collecting, and then assembly, went into its execution.
The soundtrack to the Broadway musical played in the background, Little Edie giving her staunch performance of the ‘Revolutionary Costume of the Day’ and blaring her defiance to convention. Andy arrived as she was finishing up, and was equally enthralled and impressed by the magic around us.
So many little objects elicited smiles and giddy recognition, so many little moments so lovingly re-created, captured and culled from the past, brought into the present reality. Perhaps my favorite scene was this excellent gathering of raccoons. They’ll have the whole house down soon…
And the binoculars and scale…
Good Lord…
The passing of time, the decay of an age, the faded ruined loss of youth – and still the vibrance and lush vitality of two women who let the world pass them by, who clung to each other when there was no one left.
At its heart, it was always a love story.
Congratulations and thanks to the artist who brought it back to life.
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