The Golden Globes 2014

Torn between the Golden Globes and a new episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ (and in the absence of a DVR), I opted for both. Well, I interrupted the Golden Globes for the new ‘DA’, and all I missed was a crazed-looking Jared Leto (haven’t we all seen that already anyway?) Anyway, here are my bitchy takes on how the evening, and its gowns, unfolded. (BTW, can Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host every awards show from here on out? Pretty please?)

Amy Adams – The side-boob worked in ‘American Hustle’. Set in the 1970’s. Do the math.

Lupita Nyong’o – Stunning in a red cape by Ralph Lauren. (Some of us did a red cape two years ago, but whatever…)

Cate Blanchett – One of my favorite red-carpet ladies makes me wish it was more permissible for men to wear sheer lace. Oh screw it, I’m gonna do it anyway.

Matthew McConaughey– Usually I find tuxedos boring, but that Dolce & Gabbana may have made me a believer.

Wait a second, who is reviewing these fashions? Where is the vitriol?

Sandra Bullock – All you need is circus peanut orange!

Jennifer Lawrence – I love you too much to say what I feel about that dress.

Clearly the person in charge of the seating chart never thought Jacqueline Bisset would win. As for the acceptance speech, all I heard was “Shit. Go to hell.” No, literally – that’s all that the editing allowed through. I loved it!

Whom can I blame for all this side-cleavage? I want names.

Paula Patton – Careful, Ruffles come with ridges.

I missed Jared Leto. Was it really that bad?

Emma Stone – That hair. No

Diane Keaton – Still on the Drag King kick after all these years, but since getting a proper tailor she finally made it work.


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