Sunday Morning Music


A little bit of ‘Autumn Leaves’ for your Sunday brunch background by the Bill Evans Trio. Fall is here, and will be for a while. Best to settle in and enjoy it, reconcile ourselves to the season, and to not looking back. The summer will be ahead of us again, but at the moment it’s the last Sunday in September, and soon it will be October, rushing in on the night wind, no other way around it.

The sun in September is sometimes the prettiest the sun ever gets to be. The brilliance of the sky backs it up, and the leaves mirror its glory. It will not go down without a fight – a gorgeous, flaming, beautiful fight. But for now, put down the September sword. Set your tea upon this coaster. Take up your New York Times, being careful of the ink. Listen to the music, and watch for the falling leaves. The morning is young, and the show has just begun…

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