Shopping at Neiman Marcus


Make all the ‘Needless Mark-up’ jokes you want – if it costs a little extra to get impeccable customer service, I’d rather drop it at Neiman Marcus than anywhere else. Though I’ve occasionally gotten the wary eye when I haven’t been decked out, it’s nowhere near the bitchy third-degree I get at the Barneys at Copley Place. The fragrance reps at Neiman Marcus are also the best in the business, particularly when it comes to representing Tom Ford. When I wanted to sample his new Private Blends, I wrote to the fragrance counter and soon received several vials of the intoxicating elixirs, with personal hand-written notes recommending favorites. That’s the sort of customer service you don’t often see today.

I know I tend to complain about poor service and shoddy customer treatment (hello Starbucks), and the truth is we really only hear about the bad experiences instead of the good, so I’m making an effort to balance things out. To that end, this is a little shout-out to those folks who make shopping a joyful experience, to those who go out of their way to personally respond to queries, and to those who make the effort to be friendly. Having worked in retail for a few years, I understand that it’s not always easy when the customer is always right (especially when they’re dead-wrong), so for those who still put on a smile and help out the hapless public, I offer this small bit of gratitude. When shopping is a favorite past-time, it makes all the difference.

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