Random Fandom (Or, Pulling Obscure Items Out of My Ass For Another Post)

A few silly facts to clear up all the confusion, and start some more:

  • Once upon a time I played the oboe (and not too horrendously).


  • At work, I have a snow globe collection (17 in all).


  • I buy more bow ties than I wear.


  • People no longer tell me everything because they know I will call them on their ridiculousness (especially family).


  • My high school creative writing project was submitted to the school psychologist.


  • I have too many FaceBook friends (4116 at last count).


  • I have too few Twitter followers (9059 at last count).


  • No, that wasn’t a mistake. (It’s better to be followed than befriended. I’m a bitch like that.)


  • Exclamation points have no place in my professional correspondence.


  • It’s far easier for me to remember the events of 1993 than the events of 2013. Already.


  • My 20-year high school reunion is this summer. (I graduated when I was ten, Doogie Houser style.)


  • I abhor a sugar rim, but will accept a salty one.


  • Andy fears for our lives when I head into the kitchen, but I’m a pretty good cook. (It’s the cleaning that sucks.)


  • My co-workers wear what they want on the days I’m not in the office. (And try their best the rest of the time.)


  • I’m due for some serious spring manscaping.


  • Teabagging is fun (but I’m only saying that for the photo.)


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