Nothing Really Matters


Do you ever feel like anxious because time is going by too quickly? For me it happens mostly when something like a crocus blooms, or a tree changes color. I feel glad that there is such beauty to take in, and I’m aware of how fleeting, and therefore precious, such a moment is, but accompanying such happiness is the nagging anxiety that this will not last. It feels like if I don’t acknowledge it, if I don’t honor it in some way, none of it will mean anything.

I guess that’s partly why I do what I do. Why I take pictures. Why I write things down. Why I created this website. It’s a form of documentation, a virtual staking of a claim that I was here – that we were here together – and that it matters, it’s always mattered, and it will continue to matter. It’s quite a stretch to liken a website to art, but the purpose is largely the same.

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