My Best Birthday Friend

Most of the kids with whom I grew up had big birthday parties, with all their friends and neighbors – at least that’s what it seemed like to me. I dreaded those things. I wanted to keep my Saturdays to myself, explore the backyard on my own, and not be saddled with small social talk and watching other people open presents that weren’t for (or even from) me.


So for my birthdays, I always kept it small. Aside from not wanting to be the center of attention (you can disbelieve it all you want, it doesn’t make it untrue) I also didn’t want a bunch of people who weren’t particularly close friends of mine to be with me on my special day. Most of my birthdays were destination events anyway (try getting 50 kids to behave at Beaversprite – not gonna happen) so a smaller number was best for everyone. About the only one I really wanted to be there was Suzie anyway – and had it just been us I would have been more than happy (and I think there may have been a year or two when it really was just us and our Moms).

The above photo was taken at my Burger King party… not quite one of the destination b-days I was talking about (that would be Chuck E. Cheese or Great Escape, thank you) but fine enough fun for a kid who only wanted a crown. (Yes, that’s Suzie to the right of me, in the fancy striped ensemble.)

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