Luck of the Irish


Not sure how Fussy Little Blog will judge my choice of whiskey – this is actually one of my first forays into the amber-hued spirit (aside from a few questionably disastrous run-ins with far too many Manhattans in various Schenectady bars, not all of which I can remember – thank you Matt Y. & Maker’s Mark…)


It’s a simple bit of Jameson Irish Whiskey on the rocks (I have got to get one of those Japanese mechanisms that makes perfect spheres from rough blocks of ice. Spherical ice “globes” melt more slowly than traditional ice cubes given their smaller surface area in relation to their mass.) That’s unnecessary for my novice status, as I prefer a bit of dilution for the first go-round.


On some days, when the dusk has fallen too quickly, and the memory of summer is still raw, you need a tumbler of golden forgetfulness, something to warm the heart and calm the nerves.

It looks like it’s going to be a Whiskey Winter.


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