The photos here have been procured from my Instagram account. I usually write pretty timely posts – what I had for dinner tonight is often the post for the next day. Yet while I’m vacation (for the next week) I have had to pre-program the posts you see here, because I refuse to work on this website while traveling. That said, I’m still available and updating things on FaceBook and Twitter and Instagram, so if you want to keep abreast of me in real time, friend or follow me on one of those platforms. (I also tend to be decidedly less guarded and worried about perfection on those social media sites, which ends up being bad for me but more interesting for the casual observer). In the meantime, you’ll still find updates here, but of the planned-ahead sort (which can often be more juicy… as you’ll see).

PS – Andy pops up a lot more in those other places too, for those who continue to doubt his existence (as do peeks into my cologne collection).

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