A Gaggle of Giggles

When I was a kid, the only time I got into trouble at school was for laughing. There would be times when I was laughing so hard my gut ached and tears were streaming down my face. Usually it happened at the most inopportune mounts: quiet reading, moments of silence, or any other serious time when laughter was frowned upon (church was the worst.) Sometimes it would be laughter that built on itself, and the original trigger wasn’t even all that funny. My friend Ann was the best at bringing that out in me, and to this day I can think of a few moments and still fall into deep troves of laughter just at the memory of them.

These days, those bouts of laughter are fewer and farther between, but they still happen, like when I watched this clip of Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. It doesn’t matter what’s so funny, and by the end of it I defy you not to crack a smile or crack entirely up. I had to pause and leave the room because my stomach was hurting so much from laughing so hard.

There’s something so intensely satisfying about a hearty spell of laughter. It changes the world.


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