Festive Aftermath

092616 064

As much as I enjoy the anticipation and build-up to Christmas, I find an equal sense of enjoyment from the peace and let-down that follows. Much as I was in my childhood, I’d rather be left alone to play with my toys. Part of it is due to my social anxiety – the holidays are one party or gathering after another, and that can get extremely draining for those of us who, in our heart of hearts, shy away from such interactions. There’s still New Year’s Eve and Day ahead, but once you’ve run the gauntlet of Thanksgiving to Christmas, the hardest parts are done.

Now it’s time to relax, to refocus and get back to basics. One more week to the wretchedness of 2016. We will ride into 2017 on the wings of Mercury in retrograde, but rather than allow it to wreak havoc, I will work to harness its energy and use it to glide higher. Are you with me?

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