Evaporating the Past

As I sat in Skip’s basement, watching the files fly by as they were deleted, I had a brief realization of the passage of time. Thousands of photos and files drifted up the screen, hundreds of pages of posts, years of my life, so quickly and easily erased. For one quick moment, a sliver of hesitation, and then it was gone. I’d archived all the important posts, so I wasn’t really losing anything. There was a thrill of setting it free, and it was exhilarating.

When I did my first website update, about a year or two after I started, I simply erased everything I had written up to that point, starting from scratch, with no archives, and nothing of the previous year or so on record. It’s simpler to move forward with nothing of the past to hold onto. Too many of us get pulled back by nostalgia, and it’s always tempting to revisit the past. Sometimes it’s easier to look back and return to where we’ve already been – there’s safety there, it’s a known entity.

But to become better, you have to let the past go, and find new ways to inspire. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s what we’re doing now.  There will be a certain bit of repopulation as far as previous posts being archived goes, and the major projects and written work will remain intact, but much of it must go. We’ll be better for it. Watch and see…

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