Animal Instinct

Though The Delusional Grandeur Tour is not in travel status this weekend, my friends are coming to the Tour Book for a little holiday get-together, and so the next installment of this Last Stand of a Rock Star will make its scheduled appearance here with a bit of Animal Demon action. When last we left the book, things had taken a darker turn, and this continues along that same menacing trajectory, with a buffer of whimsy.

We all have some bit of animal instinct within us. We all go a little feral from time to time. Keeping the beast within at bay is not an easy feat, but mastery of such impulses is mastery of the world. Control the wildness inside of you and you can control everything outside of you. The ones who let the animal take charge are the ones who fuck things up.

When you have an outlet like a Tour Book, however, you can let the rabid beast out to play. Just be prepared in the event that he doesn’t want to return to the cage…

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