A Trojan Renaissance

Having waxed rhapsodic about the Victorian Stroll last winter, I find a growing soft-spot in my heart for Troy. Suzie’s even contemplating a move there, and tonight my parents are taking us out to dinner followed by a show at the Troy Music Hall. (The last time I was there must have been when I was onstage performing with the Empire State Youth Orchestra – not exactly the happiest of memories.)

Troy’s downtown area is a quaint one, with historical throwbacks dating to the 1800’s (I believe that parts of it were used in scenes from ‘The Age of Innocence’ to re-create the look of old New York City.) It retains that historical charm, with beautiful buildings and brownstones, and it continues to rebuild its image after a questionable number of declining years.

When I was a kid, Troy was the next biggest city to where my grandmother lived – in Hoosick Falls (which says something about Hoosick Falls), so whenever we were visiting she would take us on the bus to visit the downtown area. I don’t remember much of those trips, other than going over a big bridge and possibly shopping at the Carl Company. Since then, I’ve had a nostalgic fondness for the home of Uncle Sam.

The Trojan Renaissance continues on every last Friday of the month, when Troy Night Out features art exhibits and live performances at the restaurant and shops in the downtown vicinity. These nights are a fun time to get out and see what the city’s like at its most vibrant and active. Now that the weather is getting nice again they’re the perfect times to stroll the streets and see what Troy has to offer.

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