A Storm Named Sandy


We returned from a wonderful weekend at the amazing American Hotel in Sharon Springs, just in time for the arrival of Sandy. Who the hell knows what she will bring to these parts – I only know that last time we lost power for any length of time, I high-tailed it to Boston, which is where I’m scheduled to be on Friday anyway, so perhaps this will force an earlier trip than planned. (I don’t do well without electricity or heat.) A full write-up of the wonder of Sharon Springs will be coming up later this week, but anyone who’s been to the American Hotel knows that is is absolutely enchanting.

As far as the storm goes, I’ve got something in the crock-pot that will be done by the time it arrives, and that’s about it. We’ve also baked a pie that my Mom brought over before we left, so we should be set for provisions. (All that matters is that the bar is full.) As for possible storm activities, I suggest you procure a libation of your choosing, get comfortable, and check out a few things that you may have missed in the revamp of this site, starting with The Pictures, moving through  The Writings, and winding up with the temporary (and admittedly incomplete) Projects page that we will hopefully be updating very shortly.

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