A Recap of Resistance

I will do my best to avoid and ignore the travesty that is the new President, because we don’t entertain the lying or the treasonous here.  There will be a few political posts from time to time, but that’s never been what this place is about, and to that end I’ll do my best to keep things light and frivolous. This is a bastion of beauty and art, and a celebration of joy and prettiness. Looking back on the last week, let’s see how well I did.

It began on a hopeful-enough note: words from Martin Luther King Jr.

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday.

Some people have called me Heloise. (Just kidding.)

Is this my new spirit animal? I think it may be.

Throwing it back to a 70’s shower stall.

Man candy came in the likable forms of Nico Tortorella and a naked Jude Law.

The Madonna Timeline returned as she took us on an ‘Inside Out’ journey.

Watch this Feud.

I made a banana trifle! And you can too!

A pink cacophony.

The hawk in winter.

Hair stems.

Hunks of the Day included Lewis Tan, Jeffery Self, Barclay Beales, Tony Milan (pictured), Prateik Babbar and Pierson Fodé.

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