A Rainbow in a Strange Sky

After a day of ferocious winds, pounding rain, and threats of tornadoes, a sign of forgiveness – the rainbow – appeared in a strange evening sky. The sun gave one final flash of brilliance, setting the tips of the fall-colored foliage aflame against a darkening sky, and igniting that magical band of color through the prismatic alchemy of water and light.

As a child, I remember reading a book about a rainbow and a unicorn and a frightening serpent. There was some sort of religious parable in it, I’m sure, but at the time I was only mesmerized by the purity and beauty of the unicorn, rushing past the pages of that treacherous, ugly serpent, but secretly peering at the thing, transfixed in a different way.

On the opposite end of the sky from the rainbow, was this color scheme – a rainbow unto itself, on a grander if more subtle scale.

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