A Pregnant Pause


My favorite bartender Nicole is about to go out on maternity leave. (Another one bites the baby dust…) I will miss her friendly, witty banter, but most of all I will miss her way with the pink peppercorns. I admire any bartender who can come up with a cocktail based on your likes and recommendations of ingredients, so when I told her I wanted something with gin and grapefruit, but nothing too sweet, she concocted a delicious treat that incorporated gin, grapefruit juice, a couple of other ingredients, and – the secret weapon against sweetness – pink peppercorns. It was the perfect drink, something that works in all seasons.

The warm delight in finding a good bartender who remembers both your name and your favored drink seems to be on the wane, which is another reason I’ll miss Nicole. Albany has not been kind in crafting talented cocktail conjurors, so I may wait until she returns to get a proper libation. It will be worth it.

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