A Mid-Olympic Recap

The Winter Olympics are in full-figure-skating swing, and every year I promise not to get so obsessed with the thing. I failed miserably, and I am once again enthralled with the quads and the triples and the spins and the falls. This site is a bit obsessed with the Olympics, as you will see in this recap. If you’re not, there’s still some fun posts in between the athletes. Watch and see. 

We began with a little Hanky Panky – cause there’s nothing like a good spanky. 

A cleaning frenzy brought about a bout of nostalgia

The list of Winter Olympic Hunks was long, and it included a naked Matteo Guarise, a naked Apolo Ohno, a shirtless Chris Mazdzer, a shirtless Andrew Kurka, and a spandexed Tucker West.

A drag queen named Milk

My nostalgia kick continued in earnest with this post and that post

Hunks of the Day were also mostly made of Olympic athletes, including Patrick Chan, Steven Langton, John Daly, Michael Lucas and Asa Stackel (proving that one of these guys is not like the others). It’s time to play our game. 


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