Nine years ago this month, first went live. Back in 2003, it was a fledgling of a site, not much more than a few pages of a few projects and photographs, and visited by my Personal Manager and the few people who listened to her when she said to stop by. In the ensuing years, we’ve gained a few more friends and followers – and I use the collective “we” because I depend on a core group of good people to keep things running smoothly.

First and foremost among them is Webmaster Skip. He’s the main behind-the-scenes guy who both creates and troubleshoots as necessary. He also puts up with countless memos and e-mails, all with an affable, easy-going nature and an infectious enthusiasm. If there’s one good thing that has come of this website, it may be my friendship with Skip.

Second, there’s my Personal Manager Suzie, who also puts up with the delusional excess that spills into her FaceBook world and takes up space on her cel phone. She’s lasted far longer than the nine years of this site, and she’ll be here long after it’s over.

Finally, there’s you. If you are reading this, for whatever reason, you have contributed your time and energy for this one brief moment. In that, we have connected, however far apart, and however different our lives may be. I know many of you on FaceBook or Twitter, and some of us have corresponded through e-mail. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting a few of you in person, and it’s always like greeting an old friend. For anyone who has visited here, I offer my heartfelt thanks.

I’m not going to make a big deal about this particular anniversary, because next year is going to be even bigger. You know what comes after 9…

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