Love, Photographed


This may be my favorite picture of the year, even if we are just days into it. It’s a double-photo of a couple, Wayne and Cody: the one on the bottom shows them when they first met, and the one above shows them eighteen years later. Aside from the neat ‘Whatever happened to…?’ aspect of the piece, and the nifty recreation of a pose (and a shirt!) so many years later, it speaks to me on a much deeper level. The love between these men is still there, the enthrallment to each other still palpable. Who knows what they’ve gone through together, the point remains they are still together – 18 years and counting – and if love could ever be embodied by two photographs, these two may be that embodiment. This is enough to bring tears to my eyes, and for once, in a very long time, they are tears of happiness and joy.


For more on this fabulous couple, check out Wayne’s marvelous website, Owldolatrous. Thanks to them both for giving us all a little bit of hope.

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