Super Moon, Super Fight

The Super Moon rose a few Saturdays ago – on our anniversary weekend no less, when we were ensconced in Boston and enjoying a dinner at Clio – and wreaked havoc with our evening in the form of a big fight. Exerting its pull and its crazy power to upend things, the moon worked to wreck a very fine dinner as Andy and I fell prey to its advances and went into warrior mode.

We’re not one of those couples who yells or screams all the time – that’s not the way we operate. Our style – the one that works (or doesn’t always work) for us is smooth sailing for a long time, then a big huge fight that brings up everything that’s bothered us over the previous few months, then a few days when it all dies down and goes back to normal.

I’m not saying this is the best way to deal with things – most of my perfectly-married friends say we need to work on communication – but I was not raised that way, and every time I did communicate, well, it ended in a fight anyway so why even bother?

Personally, I’d rather have one or two days every few months where things are brought up and discussed (or yelled about) and enjoy the majority of peaceful time in-between, rather than deal with every single squabble that comes up and potentially ruining every other hour.

Every marriage has its rainy days. Andy and I are lucky to have not had many storms. Still, one has to be wary, always aware of potential hurricanes on the horizon, (or super moons) and keep them at bay with kindness, compromise, and that magic, elusive ingredient that solves so many problems – forgiveness.
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