Pot it Up


Aside from a few ferns on the front porch, and a couple of gigantic containers of Brugmansia (Angel’s trumpets) a number of years ago (which eventually grew too large to over-winter) I haven’t done much container gardening until this year. My focus was always on, and in, the ground. Yet it turns out I was missing out, and each summer I’d gaze at the barren patio of the backyard and regret not having planted something, say, before the date of a party or family gathering. This year I planted a number of containers – filled with sweet potato vines, coleus, begonias, and a couple of elephant ear bulbs in the old Brugmansia container. The latter just started poking through the soil, and it looks like we’ll have a verdant backdrop to our get-togethers.

PS – These petunias are electric.

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