Chives, Chives, Everywhere Chives


My niece Emi likes to eat chives. She’ll go up to the small group of green stalks, pull one off, and just start chewing it. It’s a little strange, but kids could do far more destructive things, so this seems like a healthy quirk. (She also likes to pull off the flowers of irises, which is less healthy, but I digress…) Because chives are so common and hardy, I’ve never given them the adulation they might deserve, but having recently added them to a number of dishes, it’s worth noting that they can make all the difference in the world. As can be seen here, they’re even pretty in the rain.

The subtle, slightly sweeter hint of onion adds a delicate flavor to many foods, and their bright green color and clean form lends a refreshing pop and pizzazz to otherwise lack-luster presentations. I find it easiest to cut them into the desired length with a pair of scissors (versus a knife and cutting board) – it tends to leave a cleaner cut and results in less bruising. If you’ve ever been daunted by growing your own herbs, or chopping them up, chives are a great way to start.

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