Chartreuse Ostrich Play

This is the season of the ostrich fern. I didn’t get a chance to capture their fiddleheads this year, and I regret that. It’s one of their most magical moments, and I’m upset that I’ve been away from the house too often to pay attention to the garden. It’s probably why I’ve been a little out-of-sorts lately. Gardening is better than therapy for some of us, and I need to make it a priority again.

This is the brightest and most beautiful these ferns will get. Our summers are too hot to sustain such freshness until the end. One can prolong the beauty with regular and consistent watering, but even that fails by August, when things go brown and begin their die-back no matter how moist the soil is kept.

With our temperatures scheduled to creep into the 90’s already, these probably don’t stand a chance, but we will do our best. A little watering work each day can work wonders for this crowd.

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