Beautiful Seal of Solomon


Behold, this is one of my favorite plants in the garden, and it’s at its peak right now. The Solomon’s Seal, scientifically-monikered Polygonatum, is currently blooming – its bell-like-blossoms dangle two-by-two on the underside of its arching stems. Seen here after a spring rain, the effect is doubly dazzling. From a single plant I brought from my parents’ house, a few large colonies have established themselves in our backyard. One stand in particular has expanded so much that several friends now have groupings at their own homes. This is the sort of plant that lends itself to sharing, and everyone loves the results.

I find that to keep them happiest, the best thing to do is provide a healthy top-dressing of manure at the very start of the growing season, before or just as the buds are breaking the soil. Of course you can do it at any time of the growing year, I just find it easier to do so when you can get around them – once they start reaching for the sky they won’t stop until forming the gorgeously impenetrable forest you see here.

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