Sunday Omelette by Andy

For someone who doesn’t eat or like breakfast all that much, Andy sure knows how to cook up a decent omelette. On decadent days he renders the grease from some bacon for the process, but for summer that’s a little too much stove-top action. On these days we go a little lighter, with some fresh herbs from the garden.

This is the first year where I’ve consciously planted a number of herbs for our culinary preparations, and it has certainly paid off. A collection of dill, flat-leaf parsley, and basil comprises the addendum to this omelette. (A garnish of curly parsley centers the dish.)

With a small sliced tomato and a couple of toast points, breakfast is served.

PS – How obnoxious is the term ‘toast points’? I think very, which I why I won’t stop using it.

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