Stuff It In

There are few things in life more satisfying than going out into your own garden and harvesting something you can use in the kitchen. Those days are about at an end, so this bunch of sage is probably going to be the last herb harvest we’ll get this year. It was just in time for a turkey dinner I made for Mom and Dad.

I supplemented the sage with rosemary and thyme, tying them all into a rustic bouqet garnis. This, along with the some salt and pepper and olive oil, was all I used to season the bird. (In the past, for a Christmas dinner for instance, I used to get very elaborate with the seasoning, crafting herb butters to slather into every crevice, rubbing garlic cloves over the skin, and other nonsense that probably had little to no effect on the end result.)

With all the talk of contamination, I’ve never stuffed a turkey with stuffing. (Andy makes it in a big pan, which I much prefer – it’s less slimy.) But rather than leave an empty cavity, I stuff the bird with lemon halves, onion quarters, the herb bouquet, and a head of garlic. It’s simple, quick, and easy – and those are the recipes that turn out the best.

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