FRV and the F-word


This fish-rice-vegetable (FRV) trio consists of rainbow trout and green beans (both in a fresh tarragon and lemon glaze) and some steamed rice (with black sesame seeds). The trout was sprinkled with a little paprika, then grilled in foil for a few minutes. It probably could have withstood a direct grilling, but the fishmonger said foil would be safer. When it comes to dinner, I won’t risk losing anything through the grill slats. (That’s a side of me that no one wants to see.)

The FRV has become a summer standard this year, in my wavering quest to eat a bit healthier. Come fall, I’ll need to find a new way to prepare all this fish – we’ve been spoiled with the grill. (And yes, I said the ‘F’ word – fall. It’s coming, whether we like it or not.)

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