Jumping Jonquils

The garden party is in the house, and these Narcissus are having a gnarly good time. Bright and cheerful in color and fragrance, they spill their joy from the mouth of a glass vase. Sitting beside me as I write these posts, they spread their petals while peppering the surroundings with the prettiest perfume. As part of his Jardin Noir series of Private Blends, Tom Ford comes close with ‘Jonquille de Nuit’ and its immediate dry-down, but fell short of capturing the lightness of this ethereal, intoxicating scent (instead falling victim to an over-riding jasmine feel.)

A jonquil will never be so easily captured. Theirs is a magic that is ephemeral.

It dissipates with the lightest wind, disappearing with the brush of a passing figure.

Yet for all their delicate and fleeting olfactory tumescence, they must be incredibly hardy and insistent, especially if they are to survive the wilds of the spring season.

These lucky blooms have the luxury and protection of being brought into their glory within the pampered environs of a heated house.

They bring an otherwise-delayed sense of spring indoors, and it’s never been more welcome.

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