A Day of Daffodils


Far more than crocus or snowbells, the flower that symbolizes the arrival of Spring is the daffodil. Those pre-cursors may come first, but they also carry with them the possibility of destruction, by a late-season snow storm, or the muddy arrival of April. True, even the daffodils and tulips have been known to bloom through some late-season snow, but for the most part it’s safer to bloom as a daffodil than as a crocus.

These are, obviously, procured from a market, and not the backyard, as ours is still frozen and covered with snow. But I couldn’t wait a moment longer for a peek of Spring – this Winter has gone on long enough – and when these were in such luscious bud I couldn’t resist. A big bouquet of daffodils will always boost my spirits.

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