Shoes or Lose

Nothing puts a kick into my step like a new pair of shoes. These beauties were half off at the Cole Haan outlet, and since the back featured a splash of chartreuse, I had to have them. The orange is stellar too, and the combination makes this the ideal shoe for the Fall season. While I paid more than I usually would for footwear, there are two things that should never be short-changed: shoes and bags. I used to think you could make do if the deal was good enough, but I’d always end up getting three or four pairs to make up for one good pair, and in the end it was a wash because the quality and comfort did not last. Invest in something good, take decent care of it, and it will be worth the original cost.
Cole Haan has never disappointed in the few pairs of shoes that I own, nor in the leather satchel I bought a few years ago. The good things always last, and classic style never fades. For such a silly and trifling thing, fashion has the power to shift moods and modify outlooks ~ and sometimes a new pair of shoes can change the world ~ at least my world.
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