Red or Yellow?

Ormond - burberry marigold leather2

I love red. It’s always been a powerful totem color for me. Usually, I wear it on my underwear for a hidden jolt of self-confidence. In this case, however, I find myself leaning toward the yellow of this amazing bag from Burberry. The actual shade is called ‘Dark Marigold’ and the bag itself has been christened ‘Ormond’ (at a price point of $1225 on sale at BlueFly, it merits the name.) I’ve been looking for a yellow-hello bag for a while…

Failing that sunny shade of leather, I’d settle for this red Prada number. At $2249.50, however (also on sale at BlueFly), I stand as much chance at procuring that as I do these Tom Ford loafers. Still, a guy can dream… and make up birthday wish lists with a lead-time ample enough to allow for savings…

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