Weekend with the Family

Bringing it on home this weekend, I spent Friday night at my parents home, with my brother and the twins. When I arrived, the house was empty (I wanted to get there before Nemo hit) so I walked around in the quiet and surveyed what was happening to the house under the presence/pressure of the twins, starting with crayon on a number of doors.

Soon the twins returned, and it was time for a nap. That’s the kind of plan I can get behind, and I made the most of it, sleeping for about an hour and a half. Unfortunately, the twins did not follow my example, staying up with my brother and resulting in some crabbiness  later on. (Oddly enough, I can be crabby with or without a nap. I will say this: being awakened by the gleeful shouts of two younglings is much preferable to the shouts of an impatient husband.)

For dinner, I roasted some winter vegetables, and we had the asado that Dad had made earlier in the week. (Well, my brother and I did – the twins had a little rice I believe.) The light was growing dim, and the snow was starting to come down. It was time to get into our pajamas… and a robe…

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