A Traditionally-Belated Birthday Wish for My Dad


Since it went live in 2003, this website has always gone dark on September 11, in honor of what happened in 2001. But aside from being a sad day of remembrance, it also happens to be my Dad’s birthday, so he always gets short-changed when it comes to a birthday post. As is tradition, here it is, one day late.

If I am in any way noble or concerned about the well-being and welfare of my fellow human beings, it comes in large part from my Dad and his example. He’s one of those old-fashioned doctors who got into the medical field to actually help other people more than anything else. It was there in his willingness to take calls at all times of the night, to forego family vacations to work more, and to help out any neighbor who needed medical assistance in an emergency. He taught me the value of working hard, of respecting others, of protecting and providing for family. That’s not something you can do just by telling your children to behave or to be good – you have to lead that life. I’m thankful that I had such a good example. I love you, Dad. Happy birthday.

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