A Pair of Penguins, and the Smallest Grads

061014 035

We attended the pre-school graduation ceremony of my niece and nephew yesterday, and it was kind of fantastic. WHile they don’t technically graduate until next year, they played a part in this year’s festivities, singing and dancing and dressing up as penguins for a Noah’s Ark skit (complete with choreographed waddle down the aisle). For a couple of four-year-olds, they behaved quite well (after having some stage fright at his Christmas pageant, Noah came out of his shell and sang his heart out with grand arm movements to rival any Evita histrionics I have conjured in the past).

After the ceremony, we went back to my parents’ house and had some post-grad fun followed by a little dinner. The rest of the photos speak for themselves. (My heart belongs to any kid with the courage to wear circus-peanut orange. Uncle Al is proud.)

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