The DG Tour: Steampunk Birdcage – Part 3

It’s very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present… Do you know what I mean…? ~ Little Edie, ‘Grey Gardens’

You know, people are very, very sensitive.  No one takes into account how sensitive a person really is. I don’t mean just a Scorpio or a Libra.  Everybody, they’re TERRIBLY sensitive.  And OTHER people just don’t understand how SENSITIVE a human being IS.  They don’t understand it. So they run ROUGHSHOD over everybody.  ~ Little Edie, ‘The Beale of Grey Gardens’

My costumes? That’s a protest against having worked as a model for the Establishment, believe it or not. A lot of models feel that way. Sometimes their lives are protests against having worked as models. Besides, I didn’t have time taking care of mother to get out and buy any clothes. So I used what was left of mine and mother’s in the attic. – Little Edie


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