The DG Tour: Red Riding Wood – Part 3

The Delusional Grandeur Tour continues in this post, as the ‘Red Riding Wood’ section expands, and we travel down a path that leads deep into the forest. “Mother said straight ahead, not to delay or be misled. I should have heeded her advice, but he seemed so nice…”

Strange things have been known to happen in the woods. As beautiful and serene as they most often are, there is a darkness to them, a hint of danger and terror that lurks beneath the leaves, behind the bark.  A canopy of foliage can keep out the sun, but it will never keep out the night.

Yet there is something about the beginning of a journey that lends its own illumination, no matter how rainy or dreary the day. The innocence of not knowing what’s to come is its own amulet of power, and that makes it almost impossible to destroy.

Let us walk on, then, down this woodland path.

Let us see what is to come…

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