The Scent; With a Semi-Colon

Clean. Crisp. Citrusy.

This is ‘M; Men’ ~ a fragrance by Masakï Matsushïma. Pretentious punctuation aside, it’s a good scent for this time of the year, when I want things to be stream-lined and simple after the excess of the holidays and the clearing out of the seasonal decorations. To that end, this cologne lends its minimalist nature of citrus and vetiver (more on vetiver later) to create an atmosphere of refined simplicity. It’s got some tea notes as well for depth, but it’s not an overpowering scent by any means. I like that right now, when I’m looking to be quiet. Understated elegance trumps gaudiness… for now.

This is a bit of a lead-in post for my next Tom Ford acquisition. It’s not a Private Blend, so forget your fantasy of ‘Moss Breches’ or ‘Tobacco Oud’ and think more mainstream. Something for the office, for the day. A classic, given a modern Tom Ford twist. In the meantime, think M; Men.

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