Slanting Sunlight, Afternoon Delight


When Boston beckons, I usually heed the call. In this instance, and for this upcoming weekend, I’m heading into town to pick up a pair of shoes from John Fluevog (which is more substantial than the usual flimsy excuses concocted for making the trip.) These are no ordinary shoes, however, and they will get their own showcasing post a little later.

For now, I’m just looking forward to being in the city where this kind of magical afternoon light happens right in my backyard. I’m also joyfully anticipating a Japanese dinner at Douzo or O Ya. Oh, and the baked goodness at the South End Buttery. And the brownies at the SoWa Market. And the pho at Pho Basil. And the cards at Luke Adams Gifting Co. And the plants at Niche. And the salts at Olives & Grace. And, perhaps most importantly, the shoes waiting for me at John Fluevog. (They’re that good.)

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