Easter in Boston


This year will mark the first time I’m not spending Easter with my family since 1993 I believe (Suzie will correct me if I’m wrong). Back then, she and I were spending spring break week in Disneyworld (having traveled there by train). That’s about as nightmarish as it gets for a teenager in high school, but we actually had quite a good time. (It’s where the terms ‘Red as a lobster’ and ’30-60-90′ entered our lexicon of immaturity.) I remember one of the conditions of the trip was that I attend Easter Mass, which I did, in some makeshift hotel church.

This time around, Andy and I are spending the weekend in Boston, brunching on the celebratory holiday, and dining out for a few nights prior. Sometimes it’s good to shake things up and start new traditions, or simply do something different every few years. It’s also the time of the year when Andy and I were wedding-planning a few years ago, so it’s always nice to be back in the place where it happened, making new memories together.

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