A Bed to Rest My Head


We need a new bed in Boston. The one we’ve had, purchased way back in early 1995, has run its course, performed admirably, and is on its last squeaky legs. It’s also just a Full size, which makes it slightly cramped for when Andy and I visit together. (One of the drawbacks to sleeping in a King size bed at home is that you can’t go back to a Full. Ever.) While we certainly don’t need a King size for the condo (nor would the size of the room accommodate it), the linen set we have, and the headboard I crafted myself, are fit for a Queen. Or two.

I’m going to set some savings aside and see if Mom and Dad will go in for half. Bed sets have gone up substantially since 1995, and I simply cannot do it alone. Along with a new television (not at all a priority, but it will be nice to get rid of the two-ton bulbous-backed set that we probably couldn’t even give away at this point), the condo should be set for another ten years. As a home-away-from-home, that is a comforting thought.

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