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Lending a distinctly cheeky edge to the adult coloring craze currently sweeping the world, Paul Richmond is offering a collection of drawings just waiting to be filled in and shaded by anyone who has a passion for cute guys and art. Richmond has been an artist I’ve admired for many years (not just because of his gracious rendering of me as a Cheesecake Boy), and his current coloring endeavor has been a smash on his Instagram feed. Taking that one step further, he will be releasing an entire book of drawings that capitalize on our obsessions with coloring and Cheesecake Boys (available from Dreamspinner Press on February 14).

There is something both joyous and calming about coloring. For many of us, it harkens back to a time of innocence and happiness, when the soothing act of creation found inspiration in a box of colorful crayons. That such a fond childhood memory is only now coming back into vogue seems strange – but Richmond has been a master of combining vintage notions (such as pinup girls) and giving them a modern spin (such as pinup guys). His cheeky series of Cheesecake Boys and their requisite wardrobe malfunctions is the perfect choice for a coloring book that demands a bit of interaction from the viewer.

I’ve often felt that inside most of us is an artist yearning to be released. Richmond’s latest creative explosion lays the structure and groundwork to foster such creativity, and there’s something vastly rewarding of being able to take an active part in his artistic process. It is the ultimate compliment to the viewer – to invite them to be part of that artistic journey, to hand us the power to complete something that he began. There’s a trust there, and a generosity that makes his work a little more special.

His series of “Friday Freebies” has garnered an impressive following, and artists of all levels are invited to show off their colorful contributions, instilling a greater sense of community and camaraderie at a time when we need that more than ever. Richmond gets just as much of a kick out of seeing the finished works as we do in participating, graciously posting them on his Instagram page and genuinely enjoying what different people decide to do with his lines.

His new adult coloring book unleashes a new set of Cheesecake Boys upon the world, and it’s coming at just the right time. The impeccably-timed Valentine’s Day release makes it the perfect gift for a loved one, a friend, or, perhaps best of all, your own self. For anyone who’s wanted to color their dreams, Paul Richmond just gave you that chance.

{“Cheesecake Boys: An Adult Coloring Book” will be available on February 14, 2017 from Dreamspinner Press. Paul Richmond’s other work can be found on his website:  Richmond is also on FaceBook under ‘Paul Richmond Studio’ and on Instagram under “paulyworld”}

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