Vote For Me & I’ll Show You My Wee-Wee

“I’m sorry, but this is not a democracy.” ~ Madonna

In spite of those words, and the utterly-false promise of the post title, I’m still gunning to place on this year’s Metroland Readers’ Poll 2015. If you live in the Albany area, stop by and click on their Readers’ Poll section and give the voting a whirl. (If I had my wish, I’d be up for Best Local Blog for…hint, hint, oh-so-heavy hint.) An incentive: you need to see the acceptance speech I have planned in the unlikely event I make it to the top. Let’s just say it will have to be done via video. Yeah, it’s that precious.

In all seriousness, this is your chance to let the local small businesses shine, and excise the chain gangs once and for all (well, at least on a readers’ poll). It’s always disheartening to see something like D’Raymond’s get trounced by an atrocity like The Olive Garden, but that’s the problem when you put taste into the hands of the masses. I’m an acquired one, so I’m pretty sure I don’t stand a chance, but there are businesses and people who really deserve this, so click away and let your voice be heard.

(Minor side-note anecdote: I contributed one article to Metroland, over a decade ago. It was for their Sex issue that year, and it was a lament on how clean and sterile gay sex had gotten. They made me take out one line, and it happened to be my favorite line of the whole piece: “I want shit on the condom.” Out of context it doesn’t work as well, but damn it feels good to finally say it.)

“And if you don’t vote, you’re gonna get a spanky. Cut.” ~ Madonna

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