The Vesper

This is the Vesper, as expertly crafted by the folks at dp – An American Brasserie – which has one of the best bars in downtown Albany, thanks in no small part to the brilliance of Dominick Purnomo. He has seen to it that not only is there an extensive wine selection, but also a comprehensive cocktail list, and a cadre of bartenders who know their craft. (It is the only bar in the Albany area where I have not had to explain how to make a proper negroni. I literally can’t say that about any other establishment here.)

The Vesper packs a deceptively-powerful punch, and the unlikely combination of both vodka and gin, tempered with a dose of Lillet. Garnished with an all-important twist of lemon, this cocktail was reportedly created by the fictional Bond – James Bond – yet it is very much the real deal. While we no longer have the original version of Kina Lillet as he used, I’ve read that a few drops of orange bitters to a modern-day Blanc Lillet will do the trick. (Anything that incorporates orange bitters is a winner in my book.)

Personally, I prefer Boodles Gin, but the traditional Tanqueray is said to more closely mimic the gin of Bond’s time. For the vodka, Mr. Bond favored one made with grain instead of potatoes. I’ll leave such delicate distinctions to the Fussy Little Blog, and simply enjoy a close approximation.


3 oz. gin
1 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. Lillet blanc
Lemon peel garnish

Shake with ice, then serve straight up with lemon peel.

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