If It’s Black-and-White, It’s Arty (Even If It’s Male Nudity)

He had grown into a lad of such beauty that he hardly seemed meant for this world – and indeed one almost feared that he might only briefly be a part of it… He brought pleasure to the eye and serenity to the heart, and made people wonder what bounty of grace might be his from former lives. ~ Murasaki Shikibu, ‘The Tale of Genji’
What a splendid gentleman he has become… Back in the days when everything was going his way, when the whole world seemed to be his, we used to hope that something would come along to jar him just a little from his smugness. But now look at him, so calm and sober and collected. There is something about him when he does the smallest little thing that tugs at a person’s heart. It’s all too sad. ~ Murasaki Shikibu, ‘The Tale of Genji’
I am a steadier and soberer person than I used to be, and it astonishes me that you still think me a trifler. One of these days the true state of affairs will be apparent even to you. ~ Murasaki Shikibu, ‘The Tale of Genji’
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