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My friend Skip runs the very cool, and he just posted a pair of posts that almost melted my icy heart. It’s his personal take on what it’s like to be friends with a gay guy, but it carries some universal truths, and some hilarious and touching moments. His blog is a must-read if you have children, or know any, as it feature the chronicles of his stay-at-home parenting adventures. (I have the good fortune of working with his amazing wife, so I get to see the best of both worlds.)

Skip has been a long-time friend of mine, and one of my closest straight guy pals. A more detailed and thoughtful summary of what he means to me can be found here, as the first in our Straight Ally series. Part One of his witty list of what a gay guy makes a good friend can be found here, and it’s a funny touchstone of some familiar (and true) common perceptions. Part 2, which delves a little deeper while simultaneously exploding stereotypes, is here. Together, they are a nifty summation of the highlights of a friendship between a gay guy and straight guy.

The best part about having a friend like Skip, aside from getting to see a grown-man climb aboard a kid’s ride, is having my occasionally-cloistered life enriched by someone whose passion and intelligence is rivaled only by his integrity. To that end, I’ve asked (begged) Skip to write a couple of guest posts for this blog, because in addition to being a great friend, he’s also a brilliant writer. Be ready to be dazzled. (And head on over to for further brilliance.)

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