Vintage Ogunquit

Greg and Mike at the Ogunquit Beach Inn always have the best vintage postcards of Maine beach scenes, so a few years ago Andy and I took a set of 35 mm photos of our own while on Ogunquit Beach. (Apologies for the scanned quality, but I think it adds to their antique inspiration.)

The post is entitled “Vintage Ogunquit” because it evokes another era – a more innocent, hopeful time, when the sun and wind were the only reasons for furrowed brows. Also, these photos were taken a number of years ago, so for me they’re vintage in that sense (hence the tragic goatee, and not-so-tragic 30-inch waist I once had).

Hopefully Ogunquit will weather the impending Hurricane Earl with pluck and aplomb, as it has countless other storms. (Though for once, I feel lucky to be far inland.)

Good luck to all our friends on the coast… our thoughts are with you.

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