Ogunquit Beach Calling


On a recent work day, the phone vibrated and displayed a number I didn’t recognize. When that happens it’s usually someone trying to sell me a security system for the house, so I was about to let it go to voice-mail when something made me pause and answer. I was at my desk, so I walked into an enclave, prepared and at the ready to strike fear into the heart of some hapless salesperson or telemarketer, when a woman’s voice asked to speak to Alan. She identified herself as Nancy, one of my FaceBook friends, and I recognized the name at once as we’ve had several friendly correspondences. She explained that she was sitting on Ogunquit Beach and thought she’d give me a call to let me hear the ocean. She held the phone in the air, and somewhere amid the wind I could barely make out the ocean waves, pounding gloriously upon the shore. High tide was moving in, and I could picture the throngs of people slowly advancing up the beach. I smiled.

The kindness of the gesture, the care she had taken, the thoughtfulness of thinking of me while enjoying her day on the beach – one of the last for this season she said – it moved me immensely. It reminded me that there is goodness in this world, that kindness does matter, and does still exist. Mostly it made me glad that there were people like Nancy willing to reach out and share a little of the happiness they feel with others. That’s what we were put here to do. Thank you, Nancy, for restoring my faith in so many things. 

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