The Right Time

Tricky thing, time. Plays all sorts of jokes on us. Even when we get it right, which is more rare than we realize, it still laughs, dismissing our vain notion of having mastered it. We are always at its mercy. So much of life is about timing. Too much, if you think about it. And it’s always a losing battle. Still, we seem to want to do our best to kill it, to stop it, to slow it, to move it, to hasten it or to rewind it. It’s never, and it’s always, the right time.

Keep looking through the window pane,
Just trying to see through the pouring rain
It’s hearing your name, hearing your name
I really never felt quite the same
Since I lost what I had to gain
No one to blame, no one to blame…

I like this song. It ticks along as if it has no timely agenda, just soulfully spreading its mellow vibe out over the night, into the break of morning. The passing of a day conveyed in the dark. The twirling of a clock, infinitely circling. The stillness of the hour. The hour at hand…

Seems to me, can’t turn back the hands of time
Oh it seems to me, can’t turn back the hands of time.
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